About Sujok


There are five parts protruding from our trunk, two arms, two legs and a head. Similarly from our palm and sloe of the foot fingers and the thumb are jutting out. Our hands are outside; the index finger and the little finger are found to correspond to them. The inner two fingers correspond to legs. Looking at the left hand palm, the index finger corresponds to the left hand and the little finger to right hand. If you look at palm of your right hand naturally your little finger will correspond to left hand and vice versa.

All the four fingers are having three joints each. The legs are connected to trunk at hips so the upper most joints o the second and third finger corresponds to hips of out trunk. Two arms, two legs and a head. Similarly form our palm and sole of the foot, four fingers and thumb are jutting, the second to knees and the third to ankles.

Similarly the arms are connected to trunk at the shoulders. The joints connecting the index and little finger to palm correspond to shoulders. The next joint is elbow. The next is wrist. Isn’t it just common sense? The thumb has two joints, so also our head. The first part of it connecting it to palm corresponds to the neck and the upper part to face.

If you feel headache just probe the tip of the thumb with a ballpoint or blunt pencil (probe). You will find one or two points that are really painful but it you were to press the tip with the other thumb you will feel nothing. Now keeping the probe on the pain point jut shake it clockwise and anti clockwise. You will find it painful, but doing it for a minute or so you will be surprised to find your pain reducing at the point so also your headache.

The portion between the tip of the thumb to first joint on it corresponds to face. Divide it approximately in four parts. The first part from the tip corresponds to the head, the 2nd to forehead, 3rd to eyes, nose and ears, the 4th to mouth and chin. The lifeline on the mount of the palm corresponds to the diaphragm therefore above that lays the heart and lungs. Rest of the palm corresponds to the abdomen.

Only one thing to remember is that if we were to sit like an animal on our feet and palms, the portion of our body will get the sunlight will get tanned. God had tanned the back of our palm and feet also and that corresponds to back of our body.

If we dram an imaginary straight line form the middle of the two middle fingers up to the wrist it corresponds to the lower portion of our spinal chord. Similarly the line drawn on the middle of back of our to wrist corresponds to the cervical portion of our spinal chord.