MR AMARJIT SINGH: A civil engineer & contractor by profession practices Sujok since the last 5 yrs, seeing the magical benefits of this method on himself for his ailment. Strictly due to his constant hard work and good interaction with Prof Park Jae Woo, has been appointed as lecturer in Sujok Therapy, M. practical, twist Therapy & smile meditation widely travelled IN India & abroad ( Please refer newspaper articles)


Ms SHILPA KHEDEKAR: A science graduate, seeing the benefits of this therapy on her family members, decided to take it up as a career & since past 4 yrs has been practicing, due to her dedication & constant good interaction with Prof Park Jae Woo has been appointed as lecturer in sujok, Twist Therapy & Smile meditation, widely traveled in India
   To set up a public trust in Mumbai to cater to the people who can benefit from this alternative method of treatment composing- onnuri Sujok therapy using Sujok, Twist therapy, M particle & Smile meditation leading to a allover betterment of society at large at minimal financial burden to people.
   To visit by invitation various cities & countries all over the world for the propagation & proper decimation of this wonderful knowledge of sujok therapy.