Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Sujok Therapy & Chinese Meridian Accupuncture ?
Ans :
The key difference of this method is that ,it is provided by a simple stimulation of non-meridian active points and reflex points of the systems of correspondence,which can be located in any part of the body.A wide variety of systems of correspondence included in the homo-system of the body gives opportunities of a wide choice of areas for curative stimulation.
What is basic principle of Sujok ?
Ans :
According to the principles of sujok onnuri medicine & oriental medicine concepts,diseases occur in the human body & mind are purely due to the imbalances of the energies acting onthem,Sujok achieves cure by bringing on balance & harmony of the forces in the body & mind ,through various external means.
What materials are used in treatment ?
Ans :
Various inexpensive items / materials are used like diagonistic probes,elastic rings,Thumbpad,metal stores,ster magnets,Bar magnets,colors,stones,vibro stimulators,Moxa,Needles,Natural seedsto name a common ones later.
Can it cure all the diseases ?
Ans :
Any disease can be cured or controlled using the methods of onnuri medicine & Su Jok therapy.
How long does it take to cure / control a disease problem ?
Ans :
The effectiveness of treatment can be had in most cases of pain problems from the moment treatment is started irrespective of the duration of the illness, In case of other ailment usually requires self treatment with proper spacing over period of time depending on the seriously of the ailment leads to a cure / control in the most problem.
Can a person undergo Sujok Therapy Treatment when he is under other treatment like Allopathy, Homoeopathy etc.
Ans :
The Sujok method san be employed either as one of the elements of a combined medical approach or as a self sufficient single handed aspect of therapy. There are practically correspondence points.
Can a layman learn Sujok ?
Ans :
Any one can learn , due to the simplicity, people of all ages who put themselves to understanding the similarity can do so in a matter of minutes. We have taught students in age groups of 12yrs to 92yrs.
How long will take to master & study Sujok?
Ans :
The entire Sujok Therapy course takes over 1 year, but herein India you can learn & master the same in portions. Beginning with cycle 1. See the web page “WORKSHOPS” for further details & more practice on people will make you a perfect therapist over time.
What precautions must one take during treatment?
Ans :
It is necessary to be very attentive when treating patient in the state of string emotional stress, weakness, exhaustion, hunger or great physical exertion (after night shift work etc). To avoid complications during physical treatment of such patients, the therapist should not provide too intensive stimulation & use simultaneously many points of correspondence, it is recommended to stimulate points of correspondence to the organs of the reproductive system in pregnant women.
Can we expect any side effects of treatment?
Ans :
Sometimes during medical procedures side effects in the form paleness, weakness, dizziness, sweating & massage of other can appear. In such stop stimulation & massage the areas of correspondence to heart, brain, kidneys, adrenal glands on hand & feet till complete normalization of the condition.
Can we expect any intensification of any symptoms like in Homeopathy?
Ans :
Yes, in some cases in treatment of acute diseases a temporary intensification of some symptoms (running of nose, cough, fever, increase in urine, stools etc) is association with the activation of protective forces of the organism & is a good indication of fast recovery.
What are the ailments in which Sujok Therapy can be beneficial?
Ans :
Sujok therapy is highly effective treatment of diseases accompanied by pain, due to harmonizing energy flows in the affected areas, thus bringing about elimination of spasms, normalization of the circulation as well as structural and functional restoration.

The universal character of this natural method of treatment is confirmed by good effect ( results) of treatment of actuate & chronic disorders of the locomotory, digestive, cardiovascular, excretory, reproductive , neuro-endocrinal systems.

This method considerably facilitates infraction & strokes. It is also possible to receive a therapeutic effect even in the disease when academic methods fail, to give good results: massive dystrophic process, disorders of the functioning of the endrocrine glands, lithogenesis & tumors. Sujok can be also practiced for prevention of diseases