Sujok in emergency



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     Accidents or acute diseas usually catch people unawares. They tend to be happening in the most undesired time and in places where a victim cannot receive timely medical aid because necessary drugs or dressing are unavailable for example. Of course, an ambulance should be called first of all. But it often takes a while for a doctor to arrive. The passing minutes or even seconds are sometimes crucial, though.
     That is why several very simple manipulations should be carried out immediately on the spot, which will probably prevent severe complications. First aid given by anyone who hapens to be nearby is of critical importance for human lives to be saved and health recovered.
     Such aid requires skills in closed-chest heart massage, artificial respiration, arresting the bleeding dressing wounds, immobilization, and so forth. All these first aid techniques are well known and widely described in numerous medical manuals and reference books but Su Jok therapy that is distinguished for its prompt effects can be equally employed. High concentration in the hands and feet of the Hetero-force, capable of modifying and transforming everything, ensures achievement of quick results of treatment. Hands and Feet are the most distant bodily parts with respect to the body's center and therefore possess the immense curative Hetero-potential that can cause quick and far-reaching change in any part of the organism. In urgent eases, when extensive injury requires deep readjustment of functions of various systems of the human organism to recover the homeostasis, the Su Jok methods are appropriate and rewarding.
Use of conventional methods of first aid is sometimes constrained or imposible. In traffic accidents, For example frequently there is no way to completely extract a victim out of the car and in some grave injuries no change of the body's position is permitted. Su Jok therapy has an arsenal of seemingly very simple manipulations which make it possible to give an exceptionally efficient first aid right on the spot and during transportation of the patient. Actually, it can be regarded as an independent first aid method that can be practiced by virtually everyone who has a good command of its basics.
In many cases, after the first aid has been given by the Su JOk methods, an ambulance still should be called: Su Jok therapy does not rule out traditional medical help, especially when medication is required. But proper and timely use of Su Jok techniques before the arrival of a doctor can sometimes save human lives.
Su Jok can effectively help in many difficult situations:-
Cardiovascular problems, strokes, epilepticits, respiratory organs, urogenital system, alimentory systems.
In accidents :- Hemorrhage, injuries, wounds, fractures, shocks, burns, High temperatures, Low temperatures, frost Bites etc.